I have known Becca on a personal and professional level for over 12 years. She exudes a sense of confidence and calmness in her horsemanship, making everyone feel trusted and safe. I can sleep well at night knowing my horse is under her care.

Emily Simon

Aside from being so young, her attitude and professionalism is something this sport doesn’t see too often. With Becca as the head of this ship, it is refreshing to have such an outgoing and friendly trainer, mentor, and friend.

Brigitta Shepard

Becca Zimble not only helped me become a significantly better rider but she helped me find confidence within myself. She  helped set goals then helped execute and conquer those goals. My family and I have full confidence in Becca while she trains our horse. She has made our horse into a top hunter in a matter of a few short months.  Becca is a great role model in and out of the ring.

Carly Julius

I came to Becca after having major spine surgery. I was looking for a new horse and a new trainer to help me reach my giant goals. Within my first lesson with Becca, both were fulfilled. I found a trainer who said my goals weren’t crazy and that she’d help me get there. She found me the most amazing horse, the best I could have asked for.

Marianne Kenney