Sale Horses

Zimble Show Stables is proudly offering the following horses for sale or lease. Contact Rebecca for more information about an individual horse or sending your horse to ZSS to be marketed for sale or lease.

Lease Horses

Royce, USEF: 5330960 (Will be available for lease at WEF)
2009, 16.1h, Zangersheide, Gelding

The perfect 2′-2’6 horse for a nervous rider looking to gain confidence and experience. Royce is an uphill, rocking horse type, with the best lead change! You can always count on this guy for a successful ride no matter the venue.

Curb Appeal, USEF #5102779
2003, 16.1h, Bay, Thoroughbred, Gelding

Kirby is the barn favorite 2′-2’6 hunter teacher. Has a winning record that speaks for itself. Always a great ribbon in the under saddle as well. Kirby is only offered for an on farm half lease.

Leased / Sold Horses

Laticia | SOLD
Congratulations Lorena Passi!

Guardian | SOLD
Congratulations Meg Maloney!

Gylian | LEASED
Congratulations Lily Nisenbaum and Shea Aldredige!

Congratulations Caroline Rakip!

High Quality | SOLD
Congratulations Lorissa Durant!

Ibikus | SOLD
Congratulations CB Equestrian!

Gerartini Jr | SOLD
Congratulations to the Anvar family!

Gylian | LEASED
Congratulations Elsa Harrison & Shea Aldredge!

Ballyshan MBF Flash | LEASED
Congratulations Addie Grave!

Smoke and Mirrors | SOLD
Congratulations Jessica McCarty!

Wemchamps Ed | HALF LEASED
Congratulations Addy Reville!

ZSS Yellow Brick Road | SOLD
Congratulations Priscilla Bloomfield!

Congrats Lily Nisenbaum!

Lord Lavall – K | SOLD
Congrats Mary Beth McGee!

Cairo W | SOLD
Congratultions Francisco Souza!

Hey Jude | SOLD
Congratulations Michala Mulhern!

FF Lady Gold | SOLD

Congratulations Julia Morgan!

Tradale Mr. Belvedere | SOLD
Congratulations CB Equestrian!

Validvictorian | SOLD
Congratultions CB Equestrian!


Interested in a horse on this page? Did you not find what you were looking for? Either way, let us help you. Explore sale horses and more by contacting Rebecca at (508)-269-2925 or by email